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I have with a lot of interest realised that many of my readers have been reading my earlier posts on Christian attitude towards porn. From the comments, many are really struggling with the temptations to sin. I came across some writings from Thomas a’ Kempis devotions (1380-1471) and I felt it’s important to share. He says that we should note the following about temptations (although he doesn’t talk about porn, however, the subject is of great benefit)
1. Be on the Watch
As long as we live in the world we cannot escape temptations and tribulations.  As it is written in Job, “our  life  on  this  earth  is  warfare.” For this reason  we must  be careful  and concerned  about  our own  temptations.  We must  be  watchful  in  prayer lest  the  devil be  given an  opportunity  to  deceive  us.  For the devil  never  sleeps  but “goes  about  seeking  whom he  may devour.”  Remember, no one  is  so  holy  that  he or  she does not have to  deal  with temptations.-We  can  never be free  of  them.
2. The Usefulness  of Temptations
And  yet, temptations  can  be  useful  to  us even though  they seem  to  cause  us nothing  but pain.  They are  useful  because  they  can make  us  humble,  they  can cleanse us,  and they  can  teach  us. All of  the  saints  passed  through  times  of  temptation  and tribulation,  and  they  used  them  to  make  progress  in  the  spiritual  life.  Those  who did not deal  with temptations  successfully  fell  to  the  wayside.
3. The Source  of Termptations: ‘Why’ W’e Can’t  Run Away
No  one  is  completely  free  of temptations  because  the  source  of temptation  is  in ourselves. We were  born  in  sinful  desire.  When  one temptation  passes,  another  is on its  way. ‘We  will always  have temptation  because  we are sinners who lost  our original innocence  in  the  Garden.  Many have  tried  to  escape  temptations  only to find  that  they  more  grievously  fall into  them.  We cannot win this  battle by running  away  alone; the  key to  victory is  true  humility  and  patience;  in  them  we  overcome  the  enemy. If  we merely  turn  away from  temptation  outwardly  and  do not  strike  at the root,  we will  make  very  little  progress.  In  fact,  you  will  find  that  the  temptations will  return  more  quickly  and  powerfully, and you will feel  even  worse. Little by little,  through  patient endurance  of spirit (with  the  help of  God),  you will win a  better  victory  than  by  your  own determination.
4. Temptations Reveal Who We Are
The  beginning  of  all  evil temptations  is  an  unstable  mind and a small  trust in  God. Just as  a ship  without a helm  is  tossed  about by  the  waves,  so  a person  who  lacks resolution  and certainty  is  tossed  about  by temptations.  Temptation reveals  our  instability  and  our  lack  of trust  in  God;  temptations reveal  who  we  are. This  is  why we must pay  attention  to  them.
5.  How  Temptations Enter  and  Overcome  Us
We will do  better  in  dealing  with temptations  if  we keep  an  eye on them  in  the very beginning” Temptations  are  more easily  overcome  if  they are  never allowed  to enter  our  minds.  Meet  them  at the  door  as  soon as  they  knock,  and do  not let them  in.  One simple  thought  can  enter  the  mind and start  the  process. The  process  works  like  this. First, the  thought  is  allowed  to  enter  into  our minds. Second, the  imagination  is  sparked  by the  thought.  Third, we Get a sense of pleasure  at  the  fantasy,  and we entertain  it.  Fourth  and finally,  we engage  in  the evil  action,  assenting  to  its  urges.  This  is  how, little  by little,  temptations  gain entrance  and overcome  us  if  they  are  not  resisted  at  the  beginning.  The longer  we  let them  overcome  us,  the  weaker we  become,  and the  stronger  the  enemy  against  us.
6.  Never Despair:  God Is  with  You
‘We must  not despair  when  we are tempted  but, instead,  seek  God more fervently, asking  for  his  help in  this  time  of  tribulation. Remember  St. Paul’s words  of assurance, “God  will make  a way  of  escape  from  every  temptation  so  that  we  may  be able to  bear  it.”  Let us, therefore,  humble ourselves  before  God and  take  shelter  beneath  his  hand.  God will lift  up all who  have  a humble  spirit  and save them  in  all trials  and tribulations. Patience  is  necessary  in  this  life  because so  much  of life  is  fraught  with adversity.  No matter how  hard  we try,  our lives  will never  be without strive  and  grief.
Thus, we should  not strive  for  a peace  that  is  without  temptation,  or  for  a life  that never  feels  adversity.  Peace  is  not  found  by  escaping  temptations,  but  by  being  tried by  them.  we will have discovered  peace  when we have  been  tried  and come through  the  trial  of  temptation.
7. The  Pain of Temptations
“But,”  you  may say,  “‘What  about  those  who  find  such  pleasure  and delight when they give  in  to  temptations?”  To  be sure,  there  is  pleasure for  them,  but  how  long  does  it last?  It  is  like  smoke-it  vanishes  quickly.  Soon  even  the  memory  of  the  joy  is  gone.
They  will never  find  rest,  and they  will  live  in  bitterness  and  weariness  and  fear. The very  thing  they  think  will  bring  them joy  will bring  them  sorrow;  that which  they  think  will bring  them  pleasure  will bring  them  only  pain. Because  of their  blindness  and  numbness they  may never  see or feel how  miserable  they  are. They  may not even  know  that  their  soul is  slowly dying.
8.  The Way to  True  Delight
But, if  you want  to  have true  delight,  here is  the way: have contempt for  all worldly things  and  all lower  delights,  and  rich  consolation  will, in turn,  be  given  to you.  In  proportion  as  you  withdraw yourself  from  the  love  of these  things,  so you will  find  consolations  from  God much more sweet  and  potent. At  first  this  will be  difficult.  Long-standing  habits will resist,  but they  will be vanquished,  in  time, by  a better  habit-if you  persevere!  The  flesh  will cry out,  but it  will be  restrained  by the  Spirit.  The  devil  will try  to stir  you  up and  provoke you, but  he  will  run  away  the  moment you begin to  pray.  And above  all,  try  to  engage  in  useful  work.  In  doing  so,  the  devil  is  prevented  from  having  access  to  you.
9.  Lay the  Axe to  the  Root
If  we  made an  effort  to  stand  firmly  and courageously  in  the  struggle, doubtless  we should  see  the  help  of our  Lord  from  heaven,  for  he  is  ready  to  help  those  who must in  his  grace;  he gives us  occasions  to  fight  that  we  may  win.  If  our  spiritual  progress relies  only on outward  observances,  our devotion  will not last  long.  Let  us  lay  the axe  to  the  root,  so that  being  purged  of  unruly  passions  we may  have  peace of mind. If  every year  we uprooted  a single fault,  we should  soon  become  perfect.  But we  often  feel  that  we were  better  and more pure  at the  beginning  of our spiritual lives  than  we are  now after  many years of living  our  vows! Fervor  and progress ought  to  increase  daily,  but  it  is  thought  to  be a  fine  thing  these  days if  a person  can hold  on to  even  a little  of those  first  intense  feelings!  If  we would  exercise  a little self discipline  at the  beginning,  then  we would later  be  able  to  do  everything easily  and  joyfully.
10.  Defeating  Old Habits
It is  hard  to  give  up old habits,  but it  is  even harder  to  go  against  one’s  own will. Yet, if  you cannot  overcome  small,  trivial  things,  when will  you  overcome  difficult ones?  Fight  the  urge  when  it  starts,  and break  off bad  habits, lest  perhaps,  little by little,  they  lead  you into  greater  trouble.  Oh, if  you could  only know  how  much peace  for  yourself  and  joy  for  others  your  good efforts could  bring,  I think  you would  be more anxious  for  spiritual  growth.

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Father I thank you because you love me and care for me 

I am the apple of God’s eye and a treasured possession

 I am fearfully and wonderfully created Today I decree and declare that  I am blessed as I leave the house and as I come back I decree and declare in the name of Jesus that I am blessed and will be a blessing to many in Jesus name

 I decree and declare in Jesus name that I will be taught of the LORD in Jesus name I decree and declare in the name of Jesus that no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, but that the weapons that I will use will be mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Walls will crumble and weapons forged against me will melt. 

The weapons I will use will bring great defeat to the enemy to the Glory of God.

 I decree and declare that no word spoken against me shall take effect in Jesus name, indeed I silence every tongue that rises against me in judgement.

 That words that I will speak today shall be under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and shall take effect in Jesus name in Jesus name 

I decree and declare in the name of Jesus Christ that my hands, my feet, my mind, my tongue, my eyes, my ears, my spirit, my soul, my body, my clothing and all that I have shall not be used by the devil, but shall be instruments in God’s hand to glorify him alone

 I decree and declare that my wife, my husband, my parents, my children, my friends and all my close associates will find protection in the Lord today 

I decree and declare that the angels of the living God will ascend and descend unto me conveying my blessings in the name of Jesus Christ

 I decree and declare in Jesus name that no barrier, and no satanic resistance shall stand my way. 

I decree that I will destroy and overcome them all in Jesus name. 

I decree and declare that the favour of the Lord surrounds me today, and God’s mercies upon me are new

 I decree and declare that I will be taught, led, guided, instructed and corrected by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

 I decree and declare that the sun, the moon, the stars, the heavens, the ground, the waters, the stones in the field and my environment shall fight on my side and shall not allow the devil to use them against me in any way in Jesus name

 I decree and declare that no witchcraft, spell or divination shall touch me or my blessings for there is no witchcraft against God’s children.

 Indeed i declare that I am blessed of the Lord and the blessings of the LORD shall follow and overtake me in Jesus name. 

The Lord arises today before me and my enemies are scattered 

I plead the blood of Jesus around my family, my ….. and I decree that the blood of Jesus shall speak good upon my interests and shall stand against my enemies in Jesus name 

I join the heavenlies today to declare God’s glory in Jesus name 

I decree and declare that the LORD my God will direct my paths, his angels shall lead me and I will not follow paths of wickedness, sin or those of my enemies, but rather I will follow paths of holiness, righteousness and of truth.

 Whatever that my hands shall touch will be blessed in Jesus name, for God will bless the work of my hands I will walk through the doors that the LORD my God has opened for me only, not any other 

No one will close the doors opened for me, or open the ones that my God has closed in Jesus name

 The traps set upon my feet are broken today, and I escape in Jesus name

 I decree and declare today that I will walk in divine health, for I am operating under the healing promises of God 

I decree and declare that a thousand shall fall on my side, ten thousand or my right hand side, and no evil shall befall me I decree and declare that God’s mighty angels of war, fire and terror shall go before be, pursue my enemies, rout them out, bring back what my enemies have taken, even my generational blessings in Jesus name 

I will not operate today under fear, unforgiveness, disobedience, covetousness, pride or immorality in the name of Jesus, for God hates them.

 I decree that I will operate in trust, fear of the LORD, obedience, love and humility in Jesus name. 

Let the gates of my life, my flesh and my eyes be closed to the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life in Jesus name, but let them be opened to humility, holiness, the glories of the LORD and His wonder working power 

I decree and declare that I will operate under the knowledge, discernment and the  wisdom of the LORD in Jesus name

 I will feed on the word of God which is my spiritual food, and my spiritual belly will be full in Jesus name

 My spiritual man is growing strong because f the word of God in me in Jesus name 

Today I offer my body unto God as a living sacrifice, holy unto God 

The Lord my God will help me to guard my mind and my heart and so that no evil will penetrate in Jesus name.

 I walk by faith,not by sight, in Jesus name 

I am the blessed of the LORD and so father I thank you for all these blessings in Jesus name AMEN

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