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Do you have a testimony of a great miracle that Jesus did/has done for you. Here is a chance to share it and encourage thousands of people across the world who might be passing through the trials you faced. Write in the comment/reply box here and i will upload it and post it in this blog. Please leave at least one name and location to include in the testimony.  Let us share this great saviour. Be blessed.

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“By him therefore, let us offer the sacrifice of praise continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name”Heb 13:15.
Have you ever meditated on this verse? We are to praise the Lord CONTINUOUSLY! Our lips have to bear fruits. The greatest battles in the bible were carried out by lifting praise to the Lord. By so doing God always fought for his people. Among some of them there is Joshua’s occupation of Jericho, Gideon,Jehoshaphat, Daniel in the fiery furnace, David as seen in the Psalms, Paul and Silas among others.
This is a SACRIFICE, meaning you don’t do it only when things are good.
We are to enter God’s gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise (Ps 100:4).
We are to watch with thanksgiving (Col 4:2).
Thanksgiving shows that we trust God’s word and we are confident that He is in the business of helping us.
After praise comes increase (Ps 67:5-6) and God cannot lie.
Spend time before God praising God. Try saying Hallelujah praise the LORD for an hour or so. Whenever the issue comes to your mind say ‘praise the Lord’.
Are you living in grumbling street?Try moving to Thanksgiving street.
Let the word of God be the basis of your praising principle.
Don Gossett in his book “There is Dynamite in Praise” gives seven reasons why we should praise the Lord regardless of the circumstances.
1.Praise the Lord whether you have the joy of the Lord in your soul or not. Heb 13:15
2. Whether in financial success or not, for He supplies all your needs. Phil 4:19
3.Whether your children are saved or not, for by believing, your family will be saved. Acts 16:31
4.Whether having good health or having health problems, for it shall be done according to your faith. Matt 8:13.
5. When the weather is good and when bad, for “This is the day which the Lord has made, we will be glad and rejoice in it.” Ps 118:
6.Whether people stand with you or not. Acts 28:15
7.Praise the LORD anyhow, for all things work together good for those in Christ who have been called according to his purpose. Rom 8:28

STOP COMPLAINING, STOP FEARING,START PRAISING. Praise and thanksgiving brings God’s presence which drives away the enemy and establishes God’s purposes on your life.

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1. It is sinning against God. Matt 5:27-30
2. It leads to lust and sexual perversion
3. Watching porn is the same as committing adultery
4. It makes you impure. You feel so filthy after watching it.
5. It leads to addiction which is very difficult to break, just like drugs
6. You risk going to hell. You will be safer to gouge your eyes out.
7.It greatly hampers your relationship with God. He is holy and in him there is no darkness at all.
8. It weakens your prayer life and devotions.
9.You live self condemned.  You feel so guilty and lack courage to go before God.
10.You use your money to further a wicked industry which is leading millions to hell.
11.You destroy God’s temple,and unless you repent God will destroy you.
12. You are watching a product of people whom Satan has destroyed their lives. Many people involved in shooting porn pictures or videos are either drugged, sexually abused/exploited, or forced to do so. You should sympathize with them and vow never to watch again.
13.Porn is done under influence of demons of sexual immorality. They enter and control you when you start watching it.
14. Watching porn breaks families(check comments made by people in this blog and you will find it is true.
15. Watching porn does not go away once you marry, it will wickedly control you till the end.
16. It opens a door for the enemy to attack with together with your family.
17. It GRIEVES the heart of Christ to see how children walking in sin.
18. Because God loves you and would wish to have you back, He will likely severely punish you to get your attention and love.
19. It makes you a hypocrite, especially if you are a minister of God. The devil laughs at God because His (God’s)  children are serving him(devil)
20. It steals your destiny calling that God has on you. YOU SURELY WILL REGRET HAVING FALLEN IN ITS TRAPS

Found these sites also good


The site below will give you a clearer illustration of someone who has been in porn and how degrading it is


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Romans 10:17 So then faith [comes] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
1 John 5:14-15 Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.
We overcome by words of our testimony. It is also true that the devil overcomes us by the words he fonfesses to us daily.He repeats them over and over again until they appear real to us. What we testify daily makes us overcome. Words have power to create.
When we confess a word by faith,that Word is implanted in the spiritual womb and continues to grow until maturity.In the womb,it is fed and sustained by more confessions of the Word. This creation in the womb is vital to us; and at the same time the devil wants it badly to fail. This requires persistence until the creature in the womb is ripe to be born. It is also sustained once born with the Word. All this time it will pass through trying times of testing.You will not be the first,the devil did it thrice,even when he knew Jesus was Christ.
You hold the key to your destiny,dont give up,look up unto Jesus and you will see him cheering you to go on as you are almost at the finishing line. At the same time,the devil is loudly shouting how impossible the race is. Of the two, whom do you want to celebrate your achievement?In other words, who do you want to receive glory.So keep on saint, you are not alone in this,everyone is passing the same test.DON’T DROP THAT MIRACLE. If blessed say Amen and do it.

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