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Step Number 1
Help the believer see that God has already given the Holy Spirit and that it is now up to that person to receive God’s free Gift. Above everything else, help the believer see that he is not to beg God to fill him with the Holy Spirit. The promise that the Holy Spirit was to be given was fulfilled in Acts chapter 2. The Holy Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost, and He has been here ever since. After that time God hasn’t given the Holy Spirit to anyone. Now people simply have to receive the Holy Spirit. The apostles didn’t pray that God would give the Samaritans the Holy Ghost.They prayed that they might receive the Holy Ghost: “Then laid they their hands on them, and they RECEIVED the Holy Ghost” (Acts 8:17).

Step Number 2
Show the person who has come to receive the Holy Ghost that anyone who is saved is ready to immediately receive the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:37-38. Some people think there are certain things they have to do to qualify to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
For example, some think they have to make restitution for past sins.
V 38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
Some people have imagined that one has to be perfect before he can get the Holy Ghost. However, even the great Apostle Paul said he wasn’t perfect. Yet we know he had the Holy Spirit.

Step Number 3 Tell people that when you lay hands on them, they are to receive the Holy Ghost. Anyone can lay hands on another in faith, for God honors faith. However, there is also a ministry of laying on of hands, and some are used along these lines more than others. But anyone can lay their hands on a person in faith as a point of contact, and tell them, “This is the time — right now — that you are to receive the Holy Ghost.”

Step Number 4
Tell the candidate what to expect as he receives the Holy Spirit; otherwise, he won’t know what is happening when the Holy Spirit begins to move on him. Tell the candidate that he is to expect the Holy Spirit to move upon his vocal organs and put supernatural words on his lips which he will have to speak out himself in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. Remember, the person is the one who does the actual speaking, not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives the utterance, but man does the actual speaking. The point is this: the Holy Ghost doesn’t take you over, so to speak, and force you to do anything. But you can respond to Him and follow His promptings. He will give you the utterance, but you do the talking. Nowhere in the Bible do we find that the Holy Ghost spoke in tongues. Every scripture reference tells us that the person receiving the Holy Ghost does the talking and speaks the supernatural utterance — tongues — the Holy Spirit gives him.
ACTS 2:4 [They ] began to SPEAK with other tongues, as THE SPIRIT gave them UTTERANCE.

Step Number 5
It may be necessary to help some folks get over their fears first before they can receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Many seekers have been told by well-meaning people that they might get something that is false or counterfeit when receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
LUKE 11:11-13 If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: HOW MUCH MORE SHALL YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER GIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT TO THEM THAT ASK HIM?
God promises to give His Spirit to those who ask him, not a counterfeit spirit.

Step Number 6
Tell the candidate to open his mouth and be ready to use his own mouth and vocal chords, for the Holy Spirit will give the utterance, but he must yield and give voice to that utterance. At the same time the believer should tell God in his heart, “I am receiving the Holy Spirit right now by faith.” Insist that the person does not use the natural words but the ones the Spirit of God gives him. When that person can hear himself speak in tongues in a distinct language, he will have assurance and confidence that he has received the Holy Ghost. 38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, OUT OF HIS BELLY [spirit] SHALL FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATER.

Step Number 7
Keep the candidate from being distracted. For instance, don’t permit a crowd to gather around the candidate, giving instructions all at once. This will confuse a person. I like to have only a few workers whom I have specially instructed to help folks receive the Holy Spirit. Many times folks are a little slow about yielding to the Spirit, but if someone is there to help encourage them to yield to the Holy Spirit, people can more readily receive. For example, when going swimming, sometimes it is hard to get some folks in the water, but if you will take the lead and get in the water and swim around and say, “The water sure feels good,” they will be encouraged to get in the water too. Similarly, sometimes you can simply speak in tongues yourself after praying with the candidate, and this will encourage the candidate to “follow you into the water,” so to speak — into the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The above teaching is extracted from The Holy Spirit and His Gifts by Kenneth E. Hagin

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