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It is very important for any child of God to have knowledge of foundations. Without this knowledge, many battles will be lost and the believer will not live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Foundations are the core hiding places of our enemies.such realms are controlled by evil/wicked kings. Altars are activated from them and gates open at their prompting. Destroying the three: foundations, altars and gates will give the believer a great breakthrough in life. The enemy will always run to hide in the foundations if they have not been destroyed only to surface again. Prayer and fasting is highly recommended when destroying such. But first, what are foundations. Destroying foundations is like releasing a powerful bomb in the stronghold of the enemy. Share my notes with me and pray for the Holy Spirit to open your eyes as you read.
The Bible talks extensively about foundations
Foundations are the beginning; the core. Mountains, cities, the world and even the heavens have a foundation (Deut 32:22; 2Sam 22:8; 2Sam 22:16, Ezra 4:12)
God’s fire out of his anger can burn every foundation. Deut 32:22, Lam 4:11
At the rebuke of the LORD, hidden foundations can be seen. 2 Sam 22:16
Foundations that stand are strongly build. Ezra 6:3
Foundations are not only laid but fastened. Job 38:6
Every foundation has a cornerstone.Job 38:6
Good foundations/ foundations for the righteous can be destroyed. Ps 11:13. If it happens, what should the righteous do? (Nothing can exist without a foundation. When a good foundation has been destroyed, an evil or weak foundation is build)
The foundations of the earth have been laid by the Lord. Isa 51:13,16
God is able to lay foundations of those tossed with tempest and not comforted with sapphires, and their stones with fair colours. Isa 54:11. This means that there is a relationship between suffering and foundations.
We are called to raise up foundations of many generations. We shall repair breaches and build old waste places. Isa 58:12
Foundations for the wicked can be fallen, walls thrown down by God’s vengeance Jer50:15. They can also be broken down Ez 30:4
God promised to overthrow Samaria and reveal/discover/expose her foundations. Micah 1:6
Foundations can hear. Micah 6:2
Mountains (representing anything exalting itself high or great hindrance) have a foundation.De 32:22
Earthquakes can destroy or shake foundations. Acts 16:26
When foundations are shaken, doors are opened and prisoners/captives are set free.Acts 16:26
The city of heaven (where the throne of God is) has a foundation. The builder and maker is God. Heb 11:10
The city of new Jerusalem will have twelve foundations Rev 21:14
The church is build upon the foundation of apostles and prophets, but Jesus is the chief corner stone.Eph 2:20
How are the foundations of your life, family, job, home, church etc?
{{How do you wage war against an enemy: When enemies attack, you pursue them, killing and destroying what they rely on on the way. Some will run back to the city where they were sent from. Still you pursue them. They will try to close the gates of their cities. You need to use powerful weapons to destroy the gates. You should follow them and destroy them further. Some may hide. Once inside, you should destroy whatever holds them together as a people, the heart of their livelihood. Religion has been used to turn people into radicals, especially terrorists. You cannot destroy them fully without destroying it. This acts as their altar. If you still want to exterminate them, you souls blow up the entire stronghold down to its roots.
In spiritual warfare, you ought to pursue your enemies, destroying them on the way, till they enter into the safety of their strongholds. Destroy the gates they thrive in. once inside, destroy their altars. Burn them up, uproot and overthrow their kingdom which is part of their wicked foundations}}
Another way can be using spiritual weapons to bomb the entire city/stronghold. This will silence your enemies. Here below are some prayer bullets developed for such warfare.
• You, o LORD have created foundations.
• Arise, o my God in the name of Jesus and take control of my foundations
• You have given me power and authority to destroy all the works of the enemy (Luke 10:19)
• I put on the full armour of God: the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, shoes in readiness of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit in Jesus name.
• I release the fire of God against foundations that speak against my life in Jesus name.
• O LORD, rebuke foundations that stand against my life and lay them bare in Jesus name.
• I release a mighty earthquake upon every foundation that speaks against my family, my business, my health, …. In Jesus name.
• I run to you o LORD that you may hide me in foundations of the righteous.
• I throw down the walls of wicked foundations in Jesus name. o Lord , throw them down by your vengeance in Jesus name.
• Arise o LORD, and expose foundations that oppose me in Jesus name.
• I overcome every evil foundation today from my fathers house with the blood of Jesus.
• I silence every evil voice against my life coming from wicked foundations in Jesus name
• I destroy every fastening of wicked foundations in my life with the fire of the living God.
• Hear the word of God you foundations that oppose me, be thrown into the sea in Jesus name
• O Lord, lay the foundations of my life/marriage/ family/children/ church/ village etc
• Lay my foundations o LORD with saphires and stones of fair colours. Be the cornerstone of my life/ family/ church/health in Jesus name etc
• I uproot every mountain that stands before me from its foundations in Jesus name
• Let the foundations that stand against my life be shaken, and let the doors and gates therein be opened.
• Let prisoners be set free in Jesus name
• I will rise and raise up foundations of righteousness for many generations in Jesus name

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