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HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD.(easy to use notes)

Just as we communicate with friends, God likewise communicates with us. We speak, He listens and speaks back.



1)     Through his small still voice – with faint gentle promptings, quiet nudges and silent illuminations. It is usually so quiet the natural mind may dismiss it.

2)     The written word. The Holy Spirit helps us to hear from God’s word as we read or listen to it being preached.

3)     The proceeding word- what the Lord seems to be saying to us in our current situations, usually called the Rhema word.

4)    Peace of God – When you feel peace towards an issue that may be wary or troublesome.

5)     Visions – Having a clear sight of something, sometimes with wide open eyes. It happened to Ezekiel, Paul, Peter and other men of God.

6)    Symbols –Seeing a symbol or a picture inside your inner person. God causes you to see in the spirit. You need to interpret the symbols.

7)    Dreams – God may reveal things through dreams for encouragement, instruction, warnings and direction.

8)     Witness of the spirit –God may place a word in your heart or an issue which may be confirmed by another person or in another setting.

9)     Checking from Holy Spirit. You may feel cautioned against doing something. You may also feel a sudden heaviness or a lack of fire in you.

10) By use of angels

11) With audible voice – Like Paul in Damascus.

12) Through events or happening’s e.g. a disaster.

13) Through other people e.g. prophesy, preachers etc.

Why we fail to hear God’s voice.

  1. Lack of strong desire for God.
  2. Noise pollution – You need moments in quiet places
  3. Complicating the process of hearing Him – God doesn’t talk to brains.
  4. Wanting it to be dramatic- Don’t wait for a spectacular sound or expect it to be as H did to another servant of God. He uses many ways.
  5. Disconnecting- When we don’t live in the spirit realm.
  6. Fear of failure – Fear may you think it is God when it isn’t. Let’s trust God.
  7. Prayerlessness – Praying in the spirit sensitizes our spirit so we can hear.
  8. Not trusting and listening to the small still voice.
  9. The devil
  10. Lack of relationship with God.
  11. Trying to persuade God to change His mind.
  12. Emotions – Let’s not allow ourselves to be carried away by emotions in our prayers. Don’t desire to do something badly enough.
  13. Lack of persistence – let’s not pray briefly and make decisions. We need to wait long in prayers.


  • commit yourself to the Lord each day
  • Ask God to teach you how to listen. Every morning ask Him to speak to you at whichever time He chooses in the course of the day. Ask Him to help you recognize His voice.
  • Read your bible expecting God to speak to you
  • Write down what you hear from God – If not it will be quickly forgotten.
  • Trust your first impression – The first impression is usually the accurate before the mind starts analyzing.
  • Develop listening ears – listen to God as you pray
  • Beware of your opinion – Your opinions will be misleading. Ask God His thoughts about something always
  • Natural eyes & natural ears don’t always tell the truth. Our physical senses are quite deceptive.
  • Don’t harden your heart – Don’t work for God, work with God.
  • Don’t be deceived – All thoughts that enter our mind may not be from God, the Devil can still bring thoughts, so resist him.
  • Be a sheep – ‘ .. and the sheep hear his voice’ John 10:3. be humble, be competent. Every time you think you are competent/ you know you reduce your chances of hearing.

Accept responsibility for any special prayer burden God gives you. Assure God you will try to be faithful to bear any burden He gives you. If you feel a sense of danger, urgency etc go to the Lord in prayer. God may give you a burden to pray for people, friends, churches, missions, cities, nations, ministries or His servants.           

Cultivate the desire to hear from the Lord. How sweet it is to know that you are praying right as you are responding to God’s direction.

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