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i wish you all the lord's blessings

I have just had a session before the Lord in prayer. I asked Him to guide what to put down today in my blog, then He led me to passionately pray for the many people who have been visiting my blog and those who have been following, including those who shall read in coming months or years. I have laid this prayer before my God, and I know He is faithful to fulfill it. If you believe it just say AMEN, or pray it back. The prayer goes like this:

  • I thank you father for the many friends you have given me in this blog, including those who have been visiting. Thank for making them part of me.
  • Father I pray that you shall bless them abundantly.
  • I pray for those who have not received your son Jesus Christ as their personal savior that you may draw them to you by your grace and mercy
  • I pray that they may know you as the only true God and savior
  • I pray that you shall deliver them all from the schemes of the devil
  • Father I ask that they will grow from one glory to another, and that they will hunger and thirst for you always
  • Direct their feet in ways of righteousness, and help them abhor all manners of wickedness
  • Some of them father are struggling with sins that easily entangle them, deliver them my God. Cause them to overcome and to detest their sinful ways
  • Some are at the point of making critical decisions, may you give them wise counsel
  • Some of them are at a point of giving up, help them see your hand guiding them and stretched to pick them up, even to forgive and guide them
  • Let the words spoken against them be nullified, and let everything written against them by their enemies be cancelled in Jesus name. let every tongue that rises against them in condemnation be silenced today in Jesus name
  • Give them a spirit of wisdom and understanding, as well as discernment
  • Holy Spirit of God, guide, teach and instruct them. May they find you a dear friend always
  • Father I pray for those whom the enemy has imprisoned, bound, yoked, and set in dark dungeons, that you deliver them by the power in your name
  • Let the pits that have been dug before them be filled, and let the barriers that have stood before them crumble in Jesus name. be the light unto their paths always
  • Send forth your word and your truth upon each one of them
  • Teach them to rely and put their trust in you, teach their hands to wage war against their enemies
  • May your favour overshadow them, o my God
  • Let the doors closed before them by their enemies be opened, and let those that have been opened be closed
  • Establish them in righteousness, be their solid foundation
  • Let every evil hidden before them be revealed, and let their enemies be frustrated
  • Some have entered into evil covenants with or without their knowledge, deliver them
  • I pray that they shall be transformed from one glory to another, into the image of your son Jesus Christ
  • I pray that they shall be bold, and shall not feel ashamed to testify you before men
  • Open doors to speak your word to your servants
  • Father I pray that they shall exemplify Christ-like character wherever they shall serve you, and your name shall be praised through their good deeds
  • Anoint them afresh, and fill them with love, joy, peace, praise, self control, kindness holiness and all the good that come from your presence
  • May their light shine brighter and brighter like a new day.
  • Extend their territories, and lead them to the destiny you have called each one of them to. Arise and meet every power that fights against their destiny today in Jesus name
  • There is a lot to pray for them father, I know you love them, overshadow them with your love, and father I pray that by your grace and mercies, one day one time, we shall all meet together in glory, to live with you forever.
  • I bring all these issues before your throne of mercy, in the name of your loving son Jesus Christ
  • AMEN

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B         BODY                        pray for their physical nebfeds and safety. 3 John 1:2, Ps 4:8, Job 21:9a, Ps  102:28 etc

L         LABOUR      for their work, school, finances, wisdom eg Ps 90:17

E         EMOTIONAL          for their emotional needs. Pray for peace, security, joy in their lives and family etc eg Isa 32:18, Neh 8:10

S          SOCIAL        for their relationship with other people. Pray for harmonious relationship with family members, friends etc. pray that they will offer love, be kind, welcoming, hospitable, sympathetic, loving etc eg 1 Peter 3:8

S          SPIRITUAL             pray for their relationship with Jesus, that they may know God and grow in the Lord, that they may surrender to Christ eg Rom 10:1,

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Lamentations 3: 22-23 “Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” NLT.

Proverbs “The tongue has the power of life and death, those who love it will eat its fruit” NKJV

Your yesterday will not be your today. God has a good plan for you today.  God has placed in you the ability to declare the blessings of your day by your tongue, and eat its fruit. Your blessing for the day is just a breath away, just like your curses. DONT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS.  Print and stick these blessings and declare them whenever you wake up in the morning:

  • This is the day that the lord has made for me.
  • Today I am blessed with heavenly blessings. Deut 28
  • I am blessed to bless, so I shall be a blessing to others.
  • The mercies and compassion of the lord are new this day. Lam 3:23
  • I am blessed as I leave my house, will be blessed in the field and on coming back. Deut 28
  • The work of my hands is blessed, my business is blessed, my children are blessed and so is my spouse. Deut 28
  • The Lord will make my enemies who will rise against me flee in seven directions. Deut 28
  • I refuse to walk in the counsel of the wicked, I refuse to stand in the way of sinners nor sit with mockers. Ps 1:1
  • The lord is my shepherd; he will lead me, guide me and instruct me in the best pathways of my life. Ps 23,32:8
  • My feet and mind will direct me to my destiny, as the Lord leads. Ps 119;105
  • The goodness of the Lord will follow me today. Ps 23
  • My mind will be obedient to the Lord, and will not allow wicked thoughts to dwell in it. Phil 4:8
  • Today I will be the head and not he tail. Deut 28
  • This day I drink the cup of blessings, and I declare the favour of the Lord will be upon me. 1 Cor 10:16, Ps 102:13
  • In the name of Jesus Christ I declare and believe. AMEN

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Just before Moses died, he spoke blessings upon the children of Israel. He had a special blessings uttered upon each one of the tribe of Israel. You can find these blessings in Deuteronomy 33, and you still can appropriate these blessings upon yourself or your loved ones for you are a descendant of Israel by promise through Christ, for we are the descendants of Abraham. “… for Abraham is the father of those who believe. That is what the scriptures mean when God said to him, ‘I have made you the father of many nations’ “Rom 4:16-17

  • Begin with praise and worship. Remember, we enter his gates with thanksgiving in our hearts and his courts with praise (Ps 100:4)
  • Lord I declare that you are my lord and father, and I love you. Thank you for your everlasting love for me
  • With great humility I come before you, arise, O Lord and bless me. Let the treasures of heavenly blessings be unlocked before me O Lord. I command the store houses and treasures of heaven be unlocked before me in Jesus name. o Lord direct me to my treasures
  • I command every barrier to my heavenly treasures to be destroyed now in Jesus name
  • I receive blessings in the Order of the family of Reuben, that I shall not die but live (Deut 33:6)
  • Pour upon me the blessings you spoke of Judah, give me strength, defend my cause and help me against my enemies (v 7)
  • Bless me, your servant O Lord in the order of Levi, let the work of my hands be accepted before you, crush the loins of my enemies and strike down my foes that they shall never rise again (v 11)
  • I receive by faith as a child of promise the blessings of the house of Benjamin, that I shall live in safety. Preserve me O Lord continuously and preserve me from harm (v 12)
  • Speak your blessings upon me as you spoke to the tribe of Joseph, that shall receive choice gifts from the heavens and the earth. Let abundance dwell with me and your favour be upon my life. Give me the strength and majesty of a young bull, let my horn be lifted like that of a wild ox. Make me gore distant nations and drive them to the ends of the earth. Let the horn of my enemies be broken in front of me. (vs 13-17)
  • May I prosper at home in the order of your blessings upon the tribe of Issachar, and abroad like Zebulun. Make me summon people to come to you to offer sacrifices on your holy mountain. Direct my paths to the treasures of the sea and those of the sand (vs 18-19)
  • And like the tribe of Dan Lord, let me from today get the best share in the land – the leaders share. I tear off the arm and head of the enemies from this moment (v 21)
  • Like a lions cub I leap from troubles in the order of the blessings of Dan in the name of Jesus (v 22)
  • From today I receive the blessings of the tribe of Naphtali. I possess by faith the west and the south (v 23)
  • I rise to take the blessings of the house of Asher in Jesus name. I bathe my feet in olive oil. Let the bolts of my gates be of iron and bronze. Let my strength match the length of my days. (v 24-25)
  • Arise, and go before me my lord. The lord is my refuge and my fortress. He thrusts my enemies before me. It is he who cries out “destroy them”. How blessed I am, who else is like me, a people saved by the lord. He is my shield and my triumphant sword. My enemies will bow before me and I will trample on their backs from today, in the mighty name of Jesus. (vs 26-29)

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