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Pray these prayers not only for your country but any other that the Lord shall lead you to pray for.

Consider the bring before the Lord the following prayer items

  • Repent of sins committed by the people of this nation including Christians and leaders. Repent of sins like *Idolatry *Bloodshed *corruption *Tribalism *Greed *Injustice etc
  • Ask God to convict our nation of our sins
  • Ask God to crush idols and gods exalted by men in this nation
  • Repent and denounce evil covenants made concerning this nation. Break them in Jesus name
  • Ask God to reverse the curse of the enemy over the land
  • Destroy powers and strongholds of : Corruption, Injustice, Impunity, Insecurity, Poverty, Disease, Greed, Abortion, Cults, Occult, Tribalism, Hatred, Nepotism, Bloodshed etc
  • Ask God to intervene in parliamentary affairs, our constitution, courts and government institutions
  • Command wicked foundations laid by our founding fathers over our villages, towns cities etc to crumble to nothingness in Jesus name
  • Pray that every altar that speaks against this nation to be uprooted and destroyed in Jesus name
  • Rise over the control of the spirit of Jezebel over the internet, mass media, families and the nation at large. Bind it and destroy its power and control (It is the spirit behind pornography, abortion, satanic flood of filth in entertainment, obsessive sensuality, unbridled witchcraft, hatred for male authority etc)
  • Ask God to send His angels in our villages, towns and cities to unlock ancient doors that have hindered his plans
  • Ask God to raise a standard above that set by the enemy over the land
  • Ask God to break networks of corruption and that political patronage fails in Jesus name
  • Pray that the internet and mass media shall be used for God’s glory
  • Ask God to raise an altar of righteousness upon us and upon this nation in Jesus name
  • Ask God to send His angels to lift the gates of this nation, and that the King of Glory may come in
  • Dedicate the gates of this nation to the Lord by the blood of Jesus
  • Pray that God will remove from authority corrupt accounting officers
  • Ask God to raise faithful people to manage national resources
  • Pray that God will raise men to a new Godly order in Politics, Health, economy, procurement etc.
  • Ask God to visit all idols in Africa and exterminate them and that people will be released from idolatry
  • Pray that God will release wisdom in handling business
  • Pray that our leaders shall: Have God’s wisdom to know what is right *Have God’s favour and protection *Desire God and surrender to Him *Seek God in whatever they do *Have boldness to do what is right *Have God fearing advisers
  • For our people to live in love, remember and help the needy, the poor and the marginalized
  • For this nation to prosper economically, spiritually and morally
  • For people to be filled with God’s joy and hope
  • Ask God to place in authority leaders who fear and honour Him, and frustrate those who use wicked powers to sustain themselves in power
  • That our country shall fulfill her prophetic destiny/calling for this generation
  • Ask God to visit our villages, churches, government, nation and Africa as a whole
  • For God to pour his spirit upon us and for his healing waters to flow
  • Pray that parched places in my nation shall become pools, and every thirsty ground become pools of water
  • That my nation shall be filled with the glory of the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea
  • That covenants with hell and death over the nation shall be broken in Jesus name
  • For every veil over the nation to be destroyed
  • For God’s glory to be declared among the people , and his wonders upon this nation
  • For the Lord to enlarge our nation and gain glory for Himself
  • That those who walk in darkness shall see the light, and God’s light shall shine in darkness

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