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  • Eph 6:19 That God will give them a word to share whenever and wherever they shall be declaring his name
  • That  they shall fearlessly make known/share God’s word
  • 1 Sam 2:35 That they shall be faithful and serve the lord
  • That they shall do what is in the heart and mind of God
  • I Isa 60:1 ff That God’s spirit shall rest upon them
  • That God’s anointing shall rest upon them
  • For God to use them to bind the broken hearted and proclaim freedom to captives (pray the rest up to verse 6)
  • John 17:11,15         For God to keep them from the evil in the world and satanic attacks
  • That they shall live and minister with fellow believers in unity
  • V 17, 19        Be sanctified for the ministry of the word
  • Hos 10:12     that every hardness of sin in their lives shall be broken
  • That they shall find grace to seek the lord till he rains righteousness upon them and the church
  • 1 Pet 5:6 That they shall be humble as they serve the lord
  • That they shall be self controlled and alert
  • Eph 1:18       For a spirit of wisdom and revelation to rest upon them
  • That the lord shall be a wall of fire around them
  • Heb 1:7         That God shall make them ministers of fire
  • Mal 3:2          For God to purify them by fire
  • Ps 97:3          for God to consume all their enemies and works of darkness with fire
  • Ps 44:6          For God to frustrate their enemies and enemies of their family members
  • Isa 10:16       For God to kindle a burning fire in their hearts
  • Lk 3:16 God to baptize them with the Holy Ghost and with fire
  • Ps 32:8 God to instruct them and teach them the best way to follow
  • 1 Pet 5:2 to shepherd the flock willingly, eagerly and being an example to them
  • 1 Cor 2:4       Their speech and preaching to be in demonstration of the spirit and power
  • Heb 12:24    cover them with the blood of Jesus and their family members
  • Phil 1:6          That the lord who began a good work in their lives shall perfect it
  • Isa 54:17       that no weapon fashioned against them shall prosper
  • Job 1:10        That God shall place a hedge of protection around them, their household and all that they have
  • Ps 37:4          For God to give them the desire of their hearts
  • John 15:16   That they shall bear fruits that last
  • 1 Pet 5:10     For God to perfect, establish and strengthen them together with their family members
  • 1 Chro 4:10  For God to bless them, enlarge their territories, for his hand to be upon them and for God to keep them from all harm
  • Matt 6:13     For God to lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from all evil
  • For them to love them lord with all their heart, soul and strength, and have a deeper fellowship and relationship with Jesus
  • 1 John 2:16  God to deliver them from the cravings of sinful men, the lust of eyes and boasting which is not from the lord

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