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The mandate that Christ gave us when he lived amongst us was to witness to others about him. Some Christians however find it difficult to share Christ. Some of the reasons may include:

1. Fear

2. Lack of knowledge of how to go about it

3. Lack of desire

4. Lack of an opportunity to share

We have opportunities always presented to us by the Holy Spirit to tell others about Christ. I know many of the readers would really wish to share the gospel of Jesus to others. Here is a one minute witness plan you can use (Developed by Oasis World Ministries,  www. Oneminutewitness.org).

1.Permission- After creating a rapport with the person you want to talk to,  ask him or her whether he can allow you to ask him/ her a question 

a. May I ask you a question, what is the best thing that ever happened to you? Let him/her respond

b.  May I share the best thing that’s ever happened to me? 

2. Describe your lifebefore Christ. Share your testimony.  Use adjectives like I was fearful,  hopeless etc

3. Describe your turning point. Mention how you met Jesus and how he changed your life

4. Describe your life after meeting Jesus. 

5. State how your life would be without Christ.  “If I had never met Christ… ”

 Voila! You have shared Christ in a minute. You can lead the person to Christ if he wishes, answer the questions he/she has or exchange contacts to talk later. 

Always ask the Holy Spirit to give you an opportunity to share your testimony to others. He has many people he can lead you to. Your testimony is for Christ’s glory. Use it to serve God. What a joy it is to share what Christ has done to you 

If you lead the person to Christ,  point to him to 

1. Read the Bible daily

2. Pray daily

3. Join a Bible believing church to attend weekly 

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Lets passionately pray for those in the Islam faith that:

  • Jehovah shall help them to know that He is the only God, the God of the universe
  • God to open their eyes and cause their hearts to desire Him
  • Reveal himself to them through visions and dreams
  • Give them a loving and forgiving heart, and reveal his love to them
  • Help them develop a personal relationship with Him
  • Take from them the spirit of fear, and replace it with a spirit of trust
  • God to give Christians a heart filled with love and compassion towards Muslims
  • God to powerfully move through our prayers for them
  • That they will understand God wants them to know him as His children, not slaves
  • God to convict them of sin and know true repentance
  • That they shall experience God’s total forgiveness
  • That they shall know the assurance of God’s salvation though Jesus Christ
  • That they shall come to believe in God the father, the son and the Holy spirit, and embrace Jesus as God’s only son
  • For God to consume the veil that covers them not to know Christ
  • God to destroy every hardness in their hearts and give them hearts willing to receive him
  • God to crush every power behind Islam faith and bring it to submit to know, for His kingdom rules over all other kingdoms
  • God to tear forces of darkness among Muslims and in Muslim nations and consume them by fire
  • Ask God to send His angels to lift the gates in every home, town village, city or nation where the spirit of Islam reigns, and that He shall enter and cause those forces to come to nothingness.
  • Ask God to crush altars that exalt the god of Muslims, and crush every foundation where their faith is based
  • Pray that God shall save kings and Imams in Muslim territories and reveal His love for them
  • Ask God to visit entire families and villages and reveal himself to them
  • Pray that those who shall give their lives to Christ shall be properly discipled
  • Pray that God shall protect those who are born again, provide for them and open doors for them
  • Pray that those born again in their midst shall boldly declare their faith to win many hearts to Christ
  • Pray that God will open doors for the gospel to be preached in their midst and that signs and wonders shall accompany his word
  • Pray that God shall reverse the plans of the devil over Muslim nations
  • Pray that God shall pour his spirit upon them and fill them with his knowledge and power
  • Pray that God shall direct, provide and protect the preachers/his ministers reaching out to Muslim nations
  • Pray for door to be open in the media for preaching ie radios, T.V’s, internet etc
  • That the light of the gospel of Christ shall arise in Muslim dominated zones/nations

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