Matt 13:24-25   The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in the field. But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away.

Matt 15:13          He replied, ‘Every plant my heavenly father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots’

Matt 13: 3-9 “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on the rocky places, where it did not have much of soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scotched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop – hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. He who has ears, let him hear”

The above verses talk of something that is very important: seed (s).  First about a man sowing seed and the enemy sowing his while they slept, then next a farmer who sows his seed on different grounds and having them grow differently. Then Jesus gives the remedy of seeds sown by the enemy.

Likewise we have seed sown daily in our lives; some are good seed while others are bad seed. When we are alert and see the Lord, he plants good seed in us, either by listening to his word or by reading it. The enemy too interferes with what is planted in us, either by planting his while we sleep, especially when we are not spiritually alert, or he can interfere with the growth of what is in us.

What happens next? If we have good soil in us, the seed sown in us grows, if we let the enemy to interfere with our seed either withers or has evil seed planted. Bad seed planted in us spiritually has to be uprooted for us to bear fruits, good seed in us has to grow healthy and bear to the maximum. We MUST be productive, we MUST grow to maximum, we MUST be alert that the enemy doesn’t come to sow his seed in us, we MUST prepare our hearts well to have the seed planted in us to bear fruits. Do you sense spiritual barrenness in your life, stunted or slow growth, loss of focus, that you are not reaching your maximum potential etc?. Do you feel the enemy is interfering with your seed? Craft prayers lie the ones below and stand firm on your ground in faith:

  • Thank you father that your word sown in my life is a divine seed in my life
  • Lord I pray, Let every hardened ground in me be finely ploughed in Jesus name
  • Let every shallow ground in my life be made deep for the growth of your word, and the seed in me
  • Let every power of the devil that comes to steal or scotch the seed in me die in Jesus name
  • I command every thief who has stolen the seed in my life return it seven times in Jesus name
  • I arrest every thief that comes at night to steal my seed or plant wicked seed in Jesus name i destroy them in Jesus name. I release my seed by fire in Jesus name.
  • I uproot every seed or wicked plantation sown by my enemies in Jesus name and i burn it by the fire of the holy spirit in Jesus name
  • Let your word sown in me grow to produce a hundred times, sixty or even thirty times. Protect it by the power of your name
  • I Bless your name Lord for your faithfulness in my life

(If you don’t uproot the seedlings while young, you will need to cut them down when they grow. Read a continuation of this under the title The Battle axe of the Lord)

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  • Ø Destroy old age infirmities
  • Ø Release anointing for divine healing
  • Ø Break yokes of inherited problems forever
  • Ø Arrest agents of marital distress
  • Ø Arrest and destroy the spirit of death
  • Ø Return arrows fired against you in day time, night time, in dreams etc
  • Ø Bind and paralyze the spirit of mind paralysis
  • Ø Force evil strangers to come out of their hiding places in your life (strangers in your body include programmed hidden sicknesses, spiritual padlocks, evil marks and identification)
  • Ø Release turnaround breakthroughs
  • Ø Deal with your enemies. These include those in the water, air, land;  wasters, spiritual vampires, satanic agents, strong men, witches, marine spirits, snakes, scorpions, spirits that mess the sun, moon or the stars; generational spirits, negative parental spirits, jezebel, Ahab; spirit of: anger, criticism, strife, pride, hatred, worry, unforgiveness, lukewarmness, prayerlessness, failure, cruelty, abuse, unfaithfulness, backsliding, discouragement, scarcity, wrong speaking, impatience, fear, competition, adultery, infirmity etc
  • Ø Deal with invisible altars
  • Ø Deal with red dragons – they hinder by delaying, stealing, killing answers to prayer
  • Ø White dwarfs – are invisible ‘hand’ that drives away your blessings. (While in prayer, you may see some of these creatures – you need to know what you are dealing with)
  • Ø Bulls of Bashan (Ps 22:12) – Represent strong rebellion
  • Ø Foxes –are spirits of destruction
  • Ø Wild dogs (Ps 22:16) – Represent false religion, witchcraft and pervasion
  • Ø Wild cats (lions, leopards, jaguars etc)–represent higher occultic powers
  • Ø Spirit birds. Represented by birds such as vultures (Isa 34:15), screech owl (Isa 34:14), cormorant(vomiting pelican) Isa 34:11, ravens (Isa 34:11), eagle and hawk (Job 39:26-30)
  • Ø Confuse the tongues targeting your marriage/ divide the tongues that are against your marriage (Ps 55:9)
  • Ø Break hidden spiritual marriages in your life
  • Ø Erase hidden marks upon your life or spouse
  • Ø Take great heed for the dreams God will give you
  • Ø Arrest task masters over your life/city. Task masters cause you to work and your will never enjoy the sweat of your work.
  • Ø Destroy wicked voices that speak against you, or call your name at night, or make you to talk in your sleep. Pray Ps 29
  • Ø Destroy spirits of the valley. They tend to keep you in the valley, never to rise to the top. (Pro v 30:17, 1 sam 17:1-4, Josh 10:12-14 etc)
  • Ø Demonic horses, chariots and riders (Zech 10:5, Micah 5:10, Jer 50:37, Ps 76:6 etc
  • Ø Desert spirits – make you not to be fruitful. (Isa 34:11-15)
  • Ø Demonic princes (Eph 6:12, Col 2:16, Ez 21:25-26, Dan 10:20 etc)
  • Ø Close breaches and hedges (Ez 22;30, Isa 58:12, Eccl 10:8 etc)
  • Ø Open gates for the king of glory to enter and scatter his enemies. (matt 24:7, Isa 45:2, Ps 147:13)
  • Ø Release the arm of the lord, the sword of the lord, the power of God, the fire of God, the thunder of God, the lightning of the lord etc. (Ps 18, Habakkuk 3, Nahum 1)
  • Ø Make decrees and they come to pass break curses and covenants
  • Ø Uproot, tear down, destroy, plant and build kingdoms, nations and altars. (Jer 1:10, Deut 7:5)

Make this prayer, as if you mean it. Do it time and again when you need the lord to give you divine revelations:

  1. 1.    O lord, show me the secrets of my life in Jesus name
  2. 2.    Let the secrets of strange children in my life be revealed in Jesus name (these are agents of destruction that monitor and report what happens in your life, family etc)
  3. 3.    O lord, let my eyes become instruments of divine revelations in Jesus name

NB. Don’t pray for witches to die, rather, pray that they shall encounter God’s saving grace. You should however deal mercilessly with the power behind them

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The prophet of God Habakkuk made a powerful prayer, seeking the lord to renew his people and destroy his enemies. Habakkuk prayed a prayer that should be emulated by the present day Christian, putting into consideration the kind of opposition faced by the church in our days. Use the prayer bullets below picked from Habakkuk chapter 3.

  • Lord we have heard your fame, your awesome deeds done in the past generations. v2
  • Renew your deeds in our day, in our time make them known. Visit your people, and in your wrath remember mercy.
  • Arise o Lord, let your glory cover the heavens, and let your praise fill the earth. V3
  • May your splendor be like the sunrise. Let rays flash from your hand where your power is hidden. V4
  • Let a plague go before you, and pestilence and destruction follow your steps as you consume your enemies. V5
  • Arise o Lord, shake the earth, and make the nations tremble. V6
  • Cause ancient mountains of wickedness crumble, and age old hills collapse as you make a way for righteousness over our land/city/nation
  • Let the tents of your enemies be laid bare, let their dwellings be in anguish. V7
  • Let your wrath be upon the rivers, streams and seas as you ride your horses and your victorious chariots. V8
  • Uncover your bow o Lord, call for many arrows and split the earth to consume every satanic flood of filth in our land/nation/city. V9
  • Let your arrows and your spear flash like lightning in the heavens as you destroy principalities, powers, rulers, authorities and wicked spirits in the heavenlies. V11
  • In wrath and in anger stride through the land and thresh your enemies among the nations/in our city/land. 12
  • Deliver your people. Save your anointed ones. V13
  • Crush the leader of the land of wickedness. Stripe him from head to foot. V13
  • Pierce his head with his own spear. Scatter his warriors who storm to scatter us v14. Send blindness upon his warriors.
  • Trample the sea with your horses. Churn the great waters. V15
  • We have heard that you have done this in the past, do it again o Lord in our time. We wait patiently upon you to do it again. V16
  • We rejoice in you for you are surely going to do it. V18
  • O sovereign lord, you are my strength. You make my feet like the feet of a deer. Strengthen and establish us in your righteousness. V19
  • We give you praise o ancient one of Israel.

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If you were the devil, what would you do to Christians who are fighting you through prayer?

  1. Kill them. The devil wants to see you dead, period. His work is to steal kill and destroy. You however have been given power to defeat every weapon fashioned against you. Read Luke 10:19, Isa 54:17, Eph 6:10-18
  2. Make them fall sick so that they don’t pray but concentrate on their sicknesses. This will steal their joy and peace.
  3. Make them busy. Busy talking about others, busy backbiting one another, busy attending meetings, busy with manual work and new projects, busy, busy till you have no time to pray
  4. Make them fall through sin. Cause them to fall into sins like fornication, pride, theft/embezzlement of funds, disobedience. The devil knows that God opposes the proud, so he will oppose your prayers when you have pride. Any sin opens a door for the enemy to attack you.
  5. Make them tired so as not to pray. Make them give excuses. Release a spirit of heaviness upon them.
  6. Make them doubt.Make them see themselves as failures. God does not reward a person with a shaky faith. James 1:5-8
  7. Break their unity. One person can chase a thousand, but two will chase ten thousand. “Five of them will make all of you flee. You will be left like a lonely flagpole on a distant mountaintop” Isa 30:17 (New Living Translation)
  8. Make them fail to read the Bible. The bible reveals the secrets of God to people, so if they wont read they wont know them. They will therefore be ignorant and will be destroyed, for “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6
  9. Make them fear. Make them see themselves before their enemies as grasshoppers. Remember, the report brought by the spies who had been sent by Moses. These people would not enter the land of promise. God will not give you victory if you don’t trust that he is able to deal with your issues.
  10. Destabilize them by fighting those close to them like their relatives, friends etc. you must pray for your relatives or friends because whatever happens to them affects you also
  11. Make them pray less. Make them too tired to wake up to pray but pray on their beds since it is easy for them to fall asleep.

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